We Love Galileo

Dimples Romana-Ahmee

dimples-romanoActress; Endorser; Mother to Callie

“Galileo has done wonders to my child, Callie. I see her having fun while learning and that is important to me. With Galileo, I am very happy because I feel that I have a partner in teaching and raising her.”

Callie goes to Galileo Sun Valley Center.

Tintin Bersola-Babao

tintin-bersolaMother to 4yr old Anya; Broadcaster; Children’s Book Author; Creative Director of www.parentin.tv

“Ironically, I was awarded ‘Best in Math’ when I was six years old in kindergarten. Then in Grade 1, I just lost my love for Math and got scared of it. Now with my daughter Antonia, I want her to love Math and never stop loving it. The Funtastic Mathematics is a wonderful partner in introducing Math concepts, allowing her to think critically and develop an analytical mind.”

Anya goes to Galileo Katipunan Center.

Christine Juan

christine-juanSchool Owner; Mother of 3 children

“Galileo is about application. Experiencing learning takes the child to a higher level of thinking and memorization. Galileo is a child’s training ground, equipping him with the proper skills to cope with real-life challenges.”

Maxine and Francine goes to Galileo Sun Valley Center.