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kidspage-eliasElias Diego S. Juan, a Galileo student since three (3) years old, has never stopped yearning to learn more. Elias is a well-rounded kid, engaged in various sports and still manages to do well in school. He has advanced greatly in his Galileo levels, having reached the G3 level (Math and English) at the age of 7.

Kids Testimonials

Elias – 7

“I love playing soccer. Galileo showed me that there is Math everywhere, even in soccer. Galileo helped me to make it to the XS Mathinik Club.”

Chloe – 7

“The materials in Galileo helped me to understand the concepts. I like the English card games the most because they teach me how to spell.”

Danica – 11

“After every Galileo session, I always go home with something that I have learned.The teachers in Galileo showed me that I can use the English and Math lessons in everything.”

Tyler – 4

“I am always happy when I learn something new from Galileo.”

Antonia – 4

“I love answering the Galileo book again and again! I enjoy it! I also enjoy going to the Galileo Center!”

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