Mission, Vision

for learning enrichment that will make them


Empowers the learner with self-learning skills
Nurtures the development of the child
Recreates the environment to allow fun while learning
Improves school grades
Contributes to nation-building
Helps develop critical thinking

“The first years last forever”

Core Values

Love for Children
We nurture and recognize the individual needs of each learner.

We provide a learning environment that is unsurpassed in the industry.

We always put honesty and integrity above all our dealing with others.

We are committed to applying all resources to address the learning needs of the child.

Cultural Statement

Galileo is a community of awesome individuals who are passionate in ensuring excellence among kids through fun, learning experiences.

Academic Council of Advisers

The Galileo Academic Council of Advisers is composed of highly-respected and renowned academicians, educators, consultants, professionals, education researchers and writers in math, science, psychology and other fields. All have received prestigious citations such as the Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature and the Metrobank Outstanding Teachers awards. They are highly esteemed in local academic circles including the Department of Education, the University of the Philippines, the Ateneo de Manila University, as well as in regional and international institutions such as Harvard University, UNICEF, and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization.

The Galileo Academic Council of Advisers is responsible for researching, formulating, and continuously improving the appropriate instructional approaches based on latest scientific findings on education, such as the Galileo Telescopic Method. Most importantly, they are involved with the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program not just as a vocation but as a passion to uplift the country through world-class education, starting with young Filipinos.

Telescopic Approach to Learning


Galileo believes that the most important treasure parents can give to their children, especially in this age of information technology is education – the best education possible. And in this highly competitive global economy, the most vital and sought-after skills and competencies are in Math and English. The founders of Galileo believe that they have a serious stake and obligation in preparing the Filipino kids in these core subjects to successfully contend in the world economy for the country to even survive.

Sadly, schools may not be adequate to address the special individual learning needs of today’s children. Galileo was specifically established to fill this education gap.

The Galileo approach to learning is uniquely kid-friendly. This stems from its belief that each and every child has his own innate potential, that he learns differently and therefore has unique individual needs. Hence, teaching must first FIND the specific needs and situation of every individual kid and FOCUS on that child, not treating him as just one of the herd. This is the same method that guided one of greatest math and science geniuses of all time, Galileo Galilei, to invent the telescope.

With this invention, he was able to FIND and FOCUS on specific heavenly bodies and stars from the millions of galaxies in the vast universe. By the same principle, the Galileo Telescopic Method FOCUSES and concentrates on each child, FINDS his special learning needs and tailor-fits and trains the learning program for that specific child. With this, the Galileo Enrichment Program is able to FIND the genius and DISCOVER the “star” in every child.

5 Ways of Learning

2Tactile LAUNCHPADActivities that support motor skills through concrete tools like puzzles and manipulatives.

This center aims to harness bodily-kinesthetic intelligence in the learner.

Develops learning through experience.

1SPACE RaceActivities which reinforce rules of thinking by sight reading and mental computation.

This center aims to build speed and accuracy in the learner.

Builds speed and accuracy through oral drills.

5NOVA DataActivities that harness reading and writing skills through print- based materials.

This center aims to develop critical thinking and mastery.

Ensures mastery of topic.

3Cyber EXPLORERActivities that employ game-play elements in developing English and Math skills.

This center aims to enhance the learner’s knowledge through technology.

Promotes literacy through the technology.

4Book GALAXYReading activities that allow literary appreciation through a wide selection of books.

This center aims to enrich the learner’s vocabulary and comprehension.

Develops child’s love for reading.


Math Program

Mathematics as Problem-Solving
The ability to apply mathematical skills confidently and meaningfully to unfamiliar situations is the goal of mathematics instruction.

Mathematics as Communication
Reading, writing, modeling, drawing and discussing are all important tools in helping children to explore, convey and clarify mathematical concepts and ideas.

Mathematics as Reasoning
Giving children opportunities to analyze, draw conclusions, and justify their thinking helps them gain a sense of self-reliance and confidence in their mathematical abilities and helps them see that mathematics makes sense.

Mathematics as Connections
Helping children see how concepts and ideas in one area of math relate to other areas of math, other subject areas, and their everyday lives foster an appreciation of the usefulness of mathematics.


English Program

Language use is an active process of constructing meaning.

Language in used in a social context.

Language is used in increasingly complex ways.

Language arts literacy is multi-dimensional.

Reading comprehension is a way to develop communication skills.

Reading comprehension is a way to develop analytical skills.