Telescopic Approach to Learning


Galileo believes that the most important treasure parents can give to their children, especially in this age of information technology is education – the best education possible. And in this highly competitive global economy, the most vital and sought-after skills and competencies are in Math and English. The founders of Galileo believe that they have a serious stake and obligation in preparing the Filipino kids in these core subjects to successfully contend in the world economy for the country to even survive.

Sadly, schools may not be adequate to address the special individual learning needs of today’s children. Galileo was specifically established to fill this education gap.

The Galileo approach to learning is uniquely kid-friendly. This stems from its belief that each and every child has his own innate potential, that he learns differently and therefore has unique individual needs. Hence, teaching must first FIND the specific needs and situation of every individual kid and FOCUS on that child, not treating him as just one of the herd. This is the same method that guided one of greatest math and science geniuses of all time, Galileo Galilei, to invent the telescope.

With this invention, he was able to FIND and FOCUS on specific heavenly bodies and stars from the millions of galaxies in the vast universe. By the same principle, the Galileo Telescopic Method FOCUSES and concentrates on each child, FINDS his special learning needs and tailor-fits and trains the learning program for that specific child. With this, the Galileo Enrichment Program is able to FIND the genius and DISCOVER the “star” in every child.